To be sure everything is not an accident.  To be sure everything is not by chance.  What is the purpose in living?  What is the meaning of life itself if an accident or chance is the governing force? 

What is the truth?  Who knows the truth?  So many voices claim their way as the truth or the way.  The cry, "It's all relative" is a cop-out and rejection of the correct way or path.  By definition, truth has no relativity.  Truth is true for all.

The fact that these questions are being asked alludes to the answer.  There has to be something or even someone greater than humanity.  From all the walks of faith which one is the truth?  Just by behavior of the members of each faith we know not all paths lead to the same God.  The differences within the teachings found in the many holy texts also show how the same God is not reached by all faiths.  There can be only one.

Who made the claim they knew the truth?  Many.  But one individual stood out above them all when he claimed, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6.  Even though Jesus was addressing his Jewish disciples and they would understand "Father" as God Almighty, particular to their faith, Judaism, later the gentiles or rest of humanity would be "grafted in" (Romans 11:17-21) to have the same access.

To have a relationship with the creator, the designer of it all is what it is all about.  The question is do people desire a relationship with God?  God's gift to us is a restored or redeemed relationship that cost the life of God's own Son - Jesus.  And even before acceptance of God's gift and all it entails the answer pre-supposes a problem that one must consider and acknowledge as the reason behind all the problems of the world - original sin or "The Fall".  If there was a restored or redeemed relationship it means that once it was good, then it fell, and now a way has been provided back to that good status and has potential for even better developments.  If people accept this gift and receive Jesus as The Way, The Truth, and The Life then people will either be branded insane (don't know any better), deceived (especially "bad apples" magnified as liers and hypocrites), or wise.  These people are better known as Christians.

However, I have heard God labeled as the "Ultimate Gentleman".  This means that He will not force anyone to decide whose way to believe and practices to keep, right now.  This decision He has left in our hands.  However, He has made the decision even more easy for us.  Besides the fact that with His death, burial, and resurrection all of our sins are forgiven and our relationship with Him and the Father has been restored, we now get eternity with Him in heaven instead of eternal separation from His presence.

This is what one could call the "ultimate No Brainer", yet many people have rejected this gift and the Bible predicts even more will still reject this restored relationship and way of living.  With the benefits clearly spelled out in additional Scripture, Reason screams - Why would anyone reject "The Way, The Truth, and The Life"?  Because no one wants to be accountable to anybody but themselves.  What a low standard.  Even the most advanced human would not be an adequate authority to be accountable unto.  God in the flesh, in human form, was what history - past, present, and future - needed.  With words, deeds, and a plan to support being the standard and authority to live by and live under, Jesus Christ provided all the necessary elements to fulfill the Father's will.  Jesus became to us "The Way, The Truth, and The Life", Savior for "Whosoever will believe".

Again, to borrow the quote from the "Highlander" series - "There can be only one!"  And there is only one.  One truth and truth has a name - Jesus!