I am a sheep, my shepherd is the LORD Himself.  Wanting anything will not consume me because the Shepherd directs me to rest in and on His provisions (green pastures).  The Shepherd even leads me into a time of refreshing, beside quiet waters, where He restores my soul from my daily wanderings.

The Shepherd guides me down the right path that I might boast on Him alone.  And even though I may come close to death sometimes I will not be afraid of any evil because The Shepherd is with me, protecting and comforting me with His rod and staff.

While the lions, tigers, and bears - my enemies - stand before me and look on they are powerless as you, The Shepherd, prepare a trough (table) of provisions before me.

The Shepherd anoints this sheep's head with oil and I witness my blessings/provisions (cup) overflow.

For sure, His goodness and His love will follow me around every day of my life and I will be in the Shepherd's house forever.