IMHO - UNC vs. VA (ACC Opener 2010)

With the amount of potential talent and/or skill that Carolina has on that basketball squad, plus the coaching quality, I viewed this game as the Tarheels playing down to the level of Virginia and VA having a couple of hot shooters that we did not guard well at all.  And those shooters that were hot, guess what specialty they executed in - that's right, the three point shot!  They also had the easiest of times driving the lane late in the game - gotta correct that.

Our big guys contributed nicely down low the first half of the first half, but after that the whole team caught the "I can't hit the broad side of a barn disease" and could hardly buy a basket until the middle of the second half.  Here the table finally switched (ah, you thought I was going to say turned) and UNC had to make up an 11 point deficit, which they did, with help from foul line appearances and held on to secure their first ACC road win.

This year is not going to be pretty.

Next is VT at The Hill on Th., Jan. 13, 9 PM.