IMHO - February 7th 2011 EDITION

The Tarheels since the Virginia game...

The very next game Carolina had to play yet another VA team, this time of the Tech variety.  They played it close but eeked it out in the end.

The following game, against Georgia Tech, UNC got behind and never could catch up.  Why always to this team I'll never know, but the Heels always have trouble in Atlanta.  This is a game they should have won but didn't - turnovers and lack of point making, it'll kill ya.

The previous loss lead into the matchup against an opponent which Carolina has never lost to AT HOME - Clemson.  The streak continued.  But why we had to spot them double digit points to begin with I'll never know.  The VT game was that way.  The GT game was that way.  The next game was that way.

So, UNC vs Miami was a game of hot and cold on the part of both teams.  The Heels were cold in the first half, Miami was hot.  The Tarheels finally got it together in the second half and Miami went cold, just enough for Carolina to pull of a 74-71 victory.  If you are going to have it any way I guess it is this way that you would want it, as a Tarheel fan, of course.

The games against NCSU, Boston College, and FSU were all wonderful games.  The game against the Wolfpack was the game that gave Carolina it's confidence and shooting skills back, so thanks Wolfie's.  The game against BC was one of the most well-rounded, well executed games I've seen at another ACC opponent's court in a while.  UNC dropped 106 points on this team - WOW! 

Then there was FSU, the supposed defensive team of the league.  They did have more blocked shots than the Tarheels, but not more baskets by the end of the game.  And look UNC had all that success in the FSU game without defensive player of the past two out of four games - Larry Drew.  I loved what Marshall did on the court for us in this game.  He took control and made himself General.  I also loved what he said about the Drew situation - "We just wanted to come out here with a swagger," Marshall said, "with an edge to us and basically show that we're still North Carolina, that one player doesn't make our program."  Something had to be done back at the GT game because of all the turnovers we were experiencing with Drew at the helm.  ESPN says it like this - "Marshall had taken over the starting job from Drew after an ugly 20-point loss at Georgia Tech, and the Tar Heels hadn't lost since."  The Drew Show was an ugly, tacky, unsportsmanlike display of lack of character.  This act was a planned, spiteful event, meant to hurt the team, because Drew wasn't getting his way (poor baby).  So, what does he do?  He's not even man enough to tell his teammates, nor coach, to their faces about his desires to transfer.  He gets daddy to do it.  Spineless puppet.  The father puppeteer act strikes again (i.e. Ware brothers).
See ya Drew.  Don't let the door hit yer but on the way out!  Never liked you anyway, as anybody who knows me - knew.  I don't care for Watts either.

Carolina still has to go to Tallahassee and that one has me worried, because you know they will be waiting and wanting - revenge.

Next on the schedule is the Big One - Duke @ Duke, 9 PM, Wednesday, Feb. 9th.