I have got alot of catching up to do.  Duke, Clemson, WF, BC, NCSU, MD, and FSU have all played the Heels since the last write-up.  So, here we go.....

The Duke game was a contest that displayed not only a Tale of Two Cities but a tale of two halves.  Carolina showed up in force in the first half, Duke did not.  Duke showed up in the second half, UNC disappeared.

When I saw the Clemson game, at that point in my college hoops watching experience, that was the worst game I have ever witnessed in my entire (almost 41 years) life.  That is to say until I saw the game after next game - Boston College vs. North Carolina.  This game at least tied that game for worst performance on the hardwood floor.  No shooting skills from one player on the whole roster.  UNC could not buy a bucket, much less pee in the basket if it was a toilet bowl even if they were standing over it yet they squeaked out a W.  The Wake Forest game was a matter of doing well the whole game long until the middle of the second half when UNC put their game in cruise control or went into a scoring drought.  Either one is not good and it needs to be addressed - quickly.

Why does Carolina feel they have to spot certain opponents double digit leads before coming back and winning?  This was the case with the matchup against NC State.  In the second half we seemed to be waiting around for something, stuck in cruise control AGAIN, when finally Mighty Mouse (Barnes) shows up again with a dunk or two and ignites the team and preserves the win.

The Maryland game had the feel that I have wanted for a game for a while - control throughout and against a pretty good squad.  When UNC demolished BC at Boston College by dropping 106 points on them, I think we were clicking there too, but BC was also helping with an awful night.

I feel like Carolina plays down to opponents a lot of the time.  I wish we would go ahead and take the lead early on against a major team and take their heart and will to play out of the contest.  Put our Heel on their head!  FSU is an improved team since the 20 point beating UNC gave them at The Hill.  I knew they would be waiting for some revenge at their place (I would too)!  Still, I think we played down to these guys.  We let them hang around in different ways, then Mighty Mouse came to save the day (Barnes).  I tell you one thing right now - the Tarheels cannot depend on that shot from him or anybody else every game or they WILL be one and done in March.

Looking back...I wish so much we could have won all our games, but being realistic I thought the Minnesota, Vandy, and GT games were the winable ones out of the bunch that they lost.  That would have put our losses against teams ranked #21 Ill., #25 Texas, and #5 Duke.  How aggrivating, but I'll get over it.

Next, Duke comes to The Hill.  And so the MADNESS begins!  Can you believe it is March 2011 ALREADY!  GO HEELS!