"DELIGHTING"...Yourself In The Lord (Psalm 37:4)

When I was growing up under my mom and dad's roof I heard the phrase - "What?!  Do you think money grows on trees around here?!" - often utilized.  It is not that they did not wish to grant whatever my request was at that moment, but I have always had a slight case of my eyes-bigger-than-my-stomach mentality.  Just like vision can take in much more space than the area in a stomach, my desires could always imagine much more than what dad's two careers and mom's career could handle.  I learned quick to temper those imaginations, but would push the envelope every now-and-then.  Usually I received some form of the phrase above, but occasionally I would be awarded what I desired and that was special.

I believe NOT getting everything I wanted at the drop of a hat helped me tremendously in shaping my appreciation for when God blesses me with the little things as well as the big treasures in life.  He has definitely kept me from being a materially-speaking, spoiled little brat.  However, I am absolutely beyond spoiled when it comes to Love.  And I don't even think I've seen a glimpse of the rest of the "iceberg of love" that God has in store for me tomorrow and in eternity.

You know I can see the possibility of many people twisting the following verse out of whack!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

I can hear some mis-interpretive part of me say, "Just love the Lord and He'll give you anything you want."  Or something like, "Just make friends with God and He'll grant you your wishes."

And that is how many of us treat God - as a genie.  We call on who we think is God in our lives to be at OUR beck and call and fulfill our wish list instantly.  God is Almighty.  God does not need you, but He Loves you and wants to give "you the desires of your heart", IF you will "Delight yourself in the Lord".

I looked up "Delight yourself" in the original Hebrew in the back of my Bible.  "Anag" (Hebrew):  to enjoy; mock; delight yourself in.  When I asked the Holy Spirit for a better definition, He said, "To enjoy something or someone so much that you desire to imitate (mock) or "delight" that other person or thing."

First of all what's on your heart?  If God and His ways are on and in your heart to begin with then you are a step ahead.  "Heart" at the end of this verse ("He will give you the desires of your heart") is the Hebrew word "Leb" or "Lebab".  This word deals with each person's inner self.  The New Testament associates this word "Leb" or "Heart" with the mind (2 Chronicles 9:23), good sense (Proverbs 10:8), discernment (2 Kings 5:26), wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 16:23).  So, if these areas are under submission to God you are on your way to imitating the Lord.

Imitate Jesus.  Do ask yourself - What would Jesus do?  Then read His Word to find the answer.  The more you "delight yourself in the Lord", I can only imagine the more He will give you.....God given wisdom, understanding, good sense - a healthy mind and whatever else is on His heart to bless you.  My earthly parents had limited resources to provide for me.  Father God owns it all and desires to lavish His kids (Ex. 20:6) with blessings. Let us "delight ourselves in the Lord"!