1. Gideon had a "Doughnut Life".  This is a life that starts off weak, has a strong middle with the Lord, then ends on a weak note once again. (Judges 6:15; 8:22-35)
  2. Gideon could not rightly identify God.  It looked as if he might miss God's visitation. (Judges 6:13, 17)
  3. Gideon had to have an "Ah! Sovereign Lord" moment in order to recognize God's visitation. (Judges 6:19-23)
  4. Gideon executes God's commands with wrong approach (wrong spirit/attitude). (Judges 6:27)
  5. Gideon - a man heavy into signs. (Judges 6:36-40)
  6. Gideon starts to be a "Yes Sir" man.  In this section of the story we see more of God dealing with Gideon than Gideon. (Judges 7:2-10)
  7. Gideon Gets Guts from God. (Judges 7:15 - 8:21)
  8. Gideon lost his God-focus.  He returned to his weakness and his ways.......and so did Israel. (Judges 8:22-27) 
  9. Gideon ends his "life's song" on a "sour note". (Judges 8:28-35)