Ah yes, a great Christmas song (referencing the title of the blog)!  However, not all of us hear (one of the five senses) the same and not all of us listen the same (understand what has been said).  A marriage counselor once described the male listening and male speak as a color - blue.  While he also described the female listening and female speak as a color - pink.  In order for us to understand one another better within the marriage relationship we need to learn the language of the color of the other  important person in our lives.  Not only do we need to develop a "pink language" if we are a male and a "blue language" if we are a female, but we need to develop our blue and pink listening skills as well in the same manner.  This is just within the context of a marriage.  Now let me apply this to the Christian's relationship with God.

There is no doubt that the God of the universe knows what we mean when we speak.  It is our feeble minds with all the myriad voices to consider that has the challenge of developing an "ear" for God's voice and language.  Once we do stop listening and accepting the curses and lies of what other people say toward us we have made a step in the right direction.  The next step is to NOT JUST think positive about yourself and others and the birds and the trees and so forth and so on.  No!  The next step is to hear, listen, accept, and believe what God says in His Word to us and about us.  We need to look through the best eyes possible - God's eyes - and view how God sees us.  There are tons of Scripture to pour through and observe God's perspective of you, but in short - if you are a follower or disciple of Jesus Christ, then He is who Father God sees you through and nobody else.

We can see the heart of Father God through the words, actions, and compassion of Jesus.  We can see the power, comfort, leading, and discernment through God's Holy Spirit with us and in us.  God is the ultimate Gentleman.  He did not make the mess the world is in, we did, but He cleaned it up (through faith in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ).  And He gives us the choice of accepting His GIFT or not.  Of all the Faiths out there Christianity is the only one that has it's God visiting in the image it created - teaching, ministering, and living a perfect life - and then laying that life down willingly for all SO THAT we would be Redeemed to God the Father for eternity.  That's how much God loved us.  And that is a start at how God sees every single human being ever created - worth dying for - O How He Loves You And Me!