POSITIONING (Part 1 - Revised)

Several times in various settings within the last few months I have heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me. Maybe what The Spirit is saying to me will help you too. The Holy Spirit keeps saying, “Position yourself. You have plenty of knowledge, now it is time to position yourself in Christ and live (act out your faith-walk).”

I asked the Lord if I have “positioned” myself before and to show me examples of this in my life. God showed me that as soon as I made my heart, body, and mind available to Him and His work last year for the Puerto Rico mission and this year for the Ecuador mission – He worked all things for the good because I love Him and have been called according to His purpose [Romans 8:2].

I then asked the Holy Spirit to show me Biblical examples of Positioning Thyself. He promptly said, “Read the accounts of Joseph, Esther, and Daniel.” So, I did and these are my findings.

Ladies first. Esther, also known as Hadassah (2:7) is associated with an infamous saying. Within her story her cousin Mordecai encourages her to stand-fast for her people, even in the face of death.  He says to her,

  • “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this.” (4:14)

Esther’s journey to royalty, her part in saving her people, and a promotion of an incredible degree was in no small part a direct result of the dealings of her cousin Mordecai. In my humble opinion this book of the Bible should be entitled – “Mordecai” or “Mordecai and Esther” instead of Esther.  After cousin Mordecai successfully submits Esther as potential replacement Queen, the story is heavily weighted in Mordecai’s camp. I always get the image of Mordecai being a puppet-master. While events unfold outside the palace involving him and the Jews, he has his influence, Cousin/Queen Esther, to execute his plan(s) within the palace walls.

Still, Esther does her part. Her willingness to sacrifice her life, if necessary, by saying “and if I perish, I perish” (4:15-17) was a quick attitude adjustment for Esther. I believe it was because of this quick change that King Xerxes extended her the golden scepter, heard her request, and honored it. Esther used her courtly sway to set-up two banquets before telling King Xerxes her request. These two banquets allowed time for Haman, the villain of the story, to show his true colors, especially toward Mordecai. The banquets also provided an alternate location for King Xerxes to save face concerning the guiltiness of one of his high, honored officials (Haman at the time). By having the banquet outside of the public, royal court, the Queen made sure matters where kept from disgracing the King.

In the end Mordecai’s contributions toward saving the king years before and his relationship to his inside influence, Queen (Cousin) Esther, came back around to position him as “second in rank to King Xerxes” (10:3).

In addition, Esther followed through on Mordecai’s encouragement to use this position for "such a time as this" and made the most of her opportunity.  The Jews were saved, she became Queen and her cousin became second in command.  Both came to their respective positions for such a time as then.

Don’t miss your opportunity or opportunities. In addition, discern or at least start looking for the advantages God has for His kingdom and His purposes wherever you are. Just like God positioned Mordecai and Esther for his plan, allow God to use you in your position to make a difference for Him.