Why is Black History Month celebrated?  It is a culturally divisive mechanism in our society that we choose to use as a tool to keep us separated, categorized and feeling more important. Grant you, I have wonderful friends that are black (African American, if you want), but this celebration and any like it is racist.  Sure the month documents the positive, black contributors to society over the many years, but that does not make it any less - "look at what our race did that yours didn't".  This month, society, in particular the media, takes well accomplished men and women in every field and praises their donation(s). All the while, for twenty-eight days, we get the message that they were also black.  I get that in history the circumstances surrounding many black Americans deserves some attention and eventual praise for their efforts, but leave this in the schoolhouse.  Now-a-days I view February as a month, in particular, of division.

Why don't we celebrate White History Month or Hispanic History Month or Irish or Italian, etc...   This is NOT UNITING or UNIFYING.  This divisive spirit, this competitive instead of collaborative attitude, this fatal mind-set is celebrated everywhere - in our churches, schools, government, special events, etc... and has got to go!

The only one in history that has proven that all should be on His side, on His team, and following His ways is the Son of God Himself - Christ Jesus!  No race, ethnicity, nationality or other group can claim exclusivity. Jesus said about Himself, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

Like I mentioned before - it is not that I do not like black or African American people. It is the division that our society has created using a combination of accomplishments and skin color. America, lead the way! Church within America let us start the leading!  Let us stop dividing ourselves and bolster the only culture that can endure- a Jesus Culture.