My Christian Hockey Analogy:

All of us on the ice begin with the inclination of disobeying the rules and cheating the system.  Most of us don't even care about The Game we just want to skate around doing our own thing whether it hurts other players/people on the ice or not.  The Good News is we have all been saved from eternity in the Penalty Box!  Our actions on the ice deserve the Penalty Box forever, but there is a Skater that has played The Game perfectly and allowed the underhandedness of the system/game to place Him in the Penalty Box.

This Skater overcame all the penalties and came out of the Penalty Box by the 3rd Period proving His right-standing, victory, and grace for all who lace'm up and skate. I say it like this because some people lace-up but they do not skate.  Some people just do the minimum and accept Christ as their Savior (lace-up), but then do not exercise their faith (skate) so that they grow and mature in The Spirit.

The gift this Skater (Jesus) has given to the skating world is awesome.  However, just because the Penalty Box has been avoided does not mean our actions on the ice should continue as normal.  No!  We should do our best to protect ourselves while on the ice, but learn to forgive the high-sticking, tripping, and hard collisions into the wall during our skating.

(and I am not even a hockey fan)......;)