I have a feline friend at home whose name is Gabriel (after the angel in Scripture) but who I like to call every now and then - My Little Black Panther. Sure, it might be cute and appropriate because he is an all-black cat, however, the reason I mention it here is that if Gabriel could really understand me when I call him that, maybe he would start, just start living toward that potential.

For me as a "cat parent", the joy of observing Gabriel develop into a stealthy, cuddly, mysterious black panther - would be awesome. It would be equally awesome, if not more-so, to discover how God views us and start to live in God's potential for our lives. That is an incredible amount of hope and an amazing future to testify about - when we live out God's potential for our lives. God has that potential, that plan for us to execute.

  • For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

One of the ways God places us on His track for great potential is to rename us.

  • Abram ('abrâm - high father) became Abraham ('abrâhâm - father of a multitude). 
  • Jacob (ya‛ăqôb - heel catcher, supplanter, cheat) became Israel (yiśrâ'êl - he will rule as God). 
  • Simon (Simōn - hearing) became Cephas or Peter (Petros - a piece of rock, pebble).

One of the ways the enemy likes to get us off of God's track for great potential is to copy God. So he uses others like King Nebuchadnezzar and renames us.

  • Daniel (God is my Judge) becomes Belteshazzar (whom Bel favors)
  • Hananiah (God is Gracious) becomes Shadrach (illuminated by Shad - a sun god)
  • Mishael (Who is like God?) becomes Meshach (who is like Shach - a love goddess)
  • Azariah (God is my Helper) becomes Abednego (servant of Nego - fire god)
The key is not to give-up on your name-sake! Look at Daniel and his posse of Godly men. With all that they went through, they kept their God-given perspective on living and with God's help lived up to the name given them. They did not accept, nor believe in the new names given them and God honored that.

Chadwick means "God's Warrior". God has equipped me in this spiritual manner to spread the message of His Good News through singing, teaching, praying, and loving. I have not filled my full potential by any means. I will always be a work in progress. However, I am well on my way on the journey - going from glory to glory with the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

What is your little black panther potential? "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." - Matthew 7:7 Remember God has great plans for you and it might start with a name-change to reveal your God-given potential!