We all know how to shout, cry and experience loneliness at times. A good leader is one who manages these same times to influence others toward the passion he/she has for a mission. The leader shouts, but raises his/her voice positively. The leader cries, but anguishes in a productive manner. The leader, when faced with being alone with his/her dream and passion, can weather the challenges with a great attitude by themselves.

“A leader who is not passionately committed to the cause will not draw much commitment from others. The world will make way for someone who knows what he or she wants, …” (p.51, Jesus, CEO, Laurie Jones)

“Jesus said, ‘It is better to be hot as fire or cold as ice, because if you are lukewarm I will spit you out.’” (p.51, Jesus, CEO, Laurie Jones)

“Jesus asked His staff members, ‘Can you really follow me?’ As it is with so many leaders, everyone wanted to sit next to Him at the banquet, but nobody wanted to help Him clean out the basement. Everybody was euphoric at the Palm Sunday celebration when they were laying palm leaves before His feet, but nobody wanted to walk with Him when He made His final ascent up a hill that was so ugly and lonely its very name means ‘The Skull’.

"Leaders must be willing to walk up the hill alone. They must have a passionate commitment.” (p.54, Jesus CEO, Laurie Jones)

Michael English performed a song some time ago called “There’s Not A Crown Without A Cross”. True statement and applicable here. If you have been given a “crown” and did not pay for it personally, someone did – there is always a cost. Looked at another way – if a goal or mission in life is costing you something, the “crown” or reward may be substantial. However, a good leader is formed when one traverses through the “costing”.