You have heard it said – everything in moderationdon’t burn your candle at both endsdon’t put too much on your plate. All these bits of advice are wise proverbs born from experience. King David was a man blessed in many areas of his life. Those same areas are where he gave back to The Giver. David was a poet, an athlete, a dancer, a shepherd, a warrior, a singer and a musician – oh yeah, and King.

Do you think he might have stretched himself a little thin at times? I believe it was possible. However, I write this message to encourage us that with God’s help, His strength and peace, our lives can be poured out, in many different facets, as a love offering unto God (The Giver) and people.

Don’t be afraid to be all you can be with the talents, treasure and time you have been given/gifted. Being given or gifted something means there was a Giver. If you are a wise and considerate person, you would desire to see the gift used to the optimum in order to honor the Giver and maximize your potential. However, Balanced Multitasking can be an excellent way to glorify God. “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’” (Matthew 22:37)

Personally reflecting on this I see myself as being given the talents of an author, teacher, singer/worshiper and blogger/writer. There is probably more to come and I am interested to see how God gifts me to use me and those gifts.  For instance, God is stirring within me the gifts of being a mentor and delivering His Word in the move of His Spirit.

What are the multiple ways you are allowing God to branch your talents, treasure and time out for Him and His Kingdom? It is a smart thing to take care of yourself and not burn out on one thing or many things. However, don’t be afraid to seek how you can love the Lord with everything you have while executing that Balanced Multitasking.