Do you know what a High-Fa-Lutin' Shin-Dig is? It is a term I grew up with to describe a party so elaborate, fancy and beautiful that your dreams are not even invited. There is a King who has invited everybody in history - past, present and future - to such a party. Even the workers of the celebration will be allowed to rejoice.

The cost for this party was beyond enormous. However, the furnishings, the food, the entertainment (music and acting), the decorations, the games, the memorabilia and all the tickets to the event have been paid for by the King's Son - The Prince. He knew the cost of the event while planning the party and still said, "Yes" to the King's will for this gala.

For all the "i's" to be dotted and "t's" to be crossed, The Prince made sure His part was fulfilled. The Prince paid for everything and everybody with His life's blood. The King's Only Son, laid down His life, so that anyone and everyone who accepted His Price for the party would be admitted. In addition, one would receive a personal seal of the King, The Prince and the kingdom recognizing your eternal attendance and eternal relationship with them.

But wait, there's more! The King is King of all Kings and gave The Prince the right to pick is life back up. As a Herald of The Kingdom,  -

"I come to tell you He's alive 

To tell you that He dries every tear that falls
So I come to tell you that He saves
To shout and to proclaim that He's coming back for you" ("This Blood")

Praise to The King and The Prince! They will be there! I will be there! I know my family will be there! Will you be there? Whether you have accepted the invitation or not, the Price has been paid - Once and for All! We were the reason for the party, One Expensive Party!