It is interesting to me that two of the greatest Leaders in Scripture, apart from Christ, came from the enemies camp. These two were called out of darkness and into His marvelous light in dramatic fashion. Both experienced physical push-back on turning sides. These two men were Moses and Paul. A leader for the Old Testament/Covenant and a leader for the New Testament/Covenant.

Observing the two in parallel - Moses was a Hebrew baby, but was raised not in any Egyptian home, but in Pharaoh's palace. Paul came from the house of the Pharisees - a legalistic, well-off, knowledgeable kind of religious group of Leaders. 

Moses was involved in killing an Egyptian who was beating up on one of the Hebrew people. Paul was involved in the killing of Stephen, who was a part of The Way (what Christianity was called at that time). 

Moses fled into the region called Midion and stayed for a while, where he married and had the Burning Bush Experience. Paul was traveling to Damascus to execute the orders in hand when he had his conversion (Donkey) experience.

Moses was not allowed to cross into The Promised Land. Paul was not allowed to enter Asia and Bithynia. 

I could go back and forth like this through their stories and parallel their life events to expose the amazing similarities. However, what strikes me most about these two leaders is the perseverance while leading in challenging times. 

As a leader, they both had physical challenges.  Among some of these physical challenges, Moses had the Red Sea and Paul was involved in 3 ship wrecks. 

As a leader, they were both challenged mentally. Moses had a million people to lead and Paul had to figure how to start and maintain The Church.

As a leader, they both faced spiritual mountains. Moses endured spiritual challenges by attempting to observe and enforce The Law passed down to him from God. Paul tried to head-off Satan at "The Pass" within The Church by offering Godly instruction through letters to the churches. 

The main observation God has revealed to me and now I unveil to you is they did not stop being a leader nor did they pause in their leadership capacity while under these challenges. Yes, these men placed their trust in God and their help came from God. However, these men displayed there was still leading to do even under pressure from inside influences or outside influences. They proved to me that in my distresses, in my life challenges, I should be Leading Regardless.