I have come upon a place in the trail that looks like others have forged ahead for me. Major obstacles have been moved to the side, but little challenges remain to overcome. The juncture in my path is much like the moment you are just about to cross the top of a hill that bends on your side of the hill and the other side. You can see a little bit of the other side, but not any of the oncoming traffic from the other part of the bend in the road and downslope.

I hate not knowing. There are some mysteries in life that are intriguing enough to leave as mysteries, but when life is so foggy and short-sighted – it bothers me. I am not a fan of curves in the road, much less uphill blind-spot turns that leave you guessing about a lot of things. I like flat and straight roads. And when the curves come, I like them wide enough to see around the bend to take care of my speed as I go around and prepare for what is coming at me.

King David said that God was his "lamp unto his feet and a light unto his path" (Ps. 119:105). I feel like I am learning to really trust in God’s lamp first, His close range perspective, before turning my gaze upon His long-distance light/view for my path. If God has not changed the situation, He is arranging for His purpose(s) to be accomplished. He has a reason for all the questions that I have for where I find myself right now. He has a reason for this season in my life. In both cases, the lamp and light are God's Word and need to be consulted, then applied appropriately.

I see possibilities of what this danger zone in my life-road could be, but they are just that – possibilities. It is like turning on your high beams on a car and getting a glimpse of what is ahead, but then you must turn your high beams off in consideration for others coming your way. I look in God’s Word and see Scripture that may give me insight toward my place on this path right now. But then I find myself concerned with serving or distracted or back to wondering.

The encouraging things are: (1) God is with me, (2) He knew I would go through this, (3) He has a plan for me and (4) will enlighten me in His perfect timing. In the meantime, as I travel the path of my blind-spot curves and hills I cannot see over, I am so blessed by God with an incredibly supportive wife, family and friends that love me. For now, I can see the path in front of me and this is good because you know how I hate indecision. I have God and all my people by my side, plus, I am loved. When you know that you are loved, have felt that and experienced it too, the boost to one’s spirit is amazing.