God likes relationship, no make that Loves relationship. He gave His only Son Christ Jesus for the redemption of all humanity's relationship with Him. In addition, He plans to manifest a marriage for all the people who decided to believe in Him one day with His Son.

God loves a huge house where everybody can call Home. Ever since Jesus ascended to the right hand of Father God, He has been preparing a place that has many rooms like mansions, so that He will come back and take us to our dwellings to live with Him forever.

God loves to fellowship. I like to say that I serve a Party God! The first place we see Christ Jesus performing a miracle is at a celebration or party. He continued that pattern by visiting people's houses and eating with them. One day, believers will feast with The Lord at The Wedding Supper of The Lamb and the eating and camaraderie will last forever.

God likes creating beautiful things. In the beginning He created, well, everything. Afterward, He created man from this tiny planet we call earth - to be stewards of His creation. Perhaps God will continue that pattern in the eternal future - creating marvelous places and things for us to manage or govern in His Name.

The problem is the Fallen State of Man and it's author - Lucifer - still exist. However, one day soon The Remedy will be manifested forever. Sometimes we look at the waves in our own ponds, lakes or oceans of life and those waves look and feel more like tsunamis. But fear not, God has overcome life, death, the world and everything in between! In the face of all this and possibly more, I'm here today to remind all of us of Some Things God Loves.