There is a poster on Facebook that reads:

  • "I believe in God not because my parents told me, not because my church told me, but because I have experienced His goodness and mercy myself."

The person in this quote admits his/her parents told them about God ("I believe in God not because my parents told me"). Also, the person admits the church told them about God ("not because my church told me,"). So, they had a verbal exposure at the least about God. 

There was a seed planted, and/or a foundation laid. So, for this person NOT to include his parents and church in the equation for his belief in God (but because I have experienced His goodness and mercy myself.) is not reasonable because of his admission. I am not knocking his experience of God's goodness and mercy, but he flat out denied the things that he admitted were in his life as building blocks toward his spiritual awakening.

I believe in God because my parents told me about Christ Jesus and displayed Him in the home. I believe in God because my church cared enough to protect me and grow me in The Scriptures. However, I have especially come to believe in God because of my personal experiences with Him; realizing that no other person could have helped me. But I do not throw away or discount that which got my faith started and sustained thus far. And I too have had some supernatural experiences with God, but I dare not base ALL of my faith in that one basket - experiences.

This is my encouragement: remember and reflect on the key people and events that God perfectly aligned in your life to bring you to belief in His Sacrifice, His Victory and His Kingdom. And Thank and Praise God for these people, places and things that were in the beginning and throughout God Orchestrated.