Is there really anything under our control? Like the movie series "The Matrix" spells out - we might go about our daily lives making decisions, but those decisions are all part of a Master Program that has been played out in a File called "History" - or so it seems that way. 

Control is just an illusion. Life is a myriad of choices made every split second by us because we do not know what is in our next moment. However, God stands outside the Computer that has the Master Program running. God is outside of Time, Space and History. He is at the Beginning and at The End and everywhere in between. He knows. He is the builder of the Computer and all of its equipment as well as all the programming.

Luke reminds us in Acts 17:28 of a philosophy put forth by a Cretan philosopher named Epimenides that said, ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ We are inside Him as though every air and water molecule surrounding us were His "Holy Cells". Plus, He is in us, by the power of the Holy Spirit as wells of living water that can influence others for Christ.

We may feel like a program a lot of the time - just going through the motions; just saying what I am supposed to say and doing what I'm supposed to be doing; just being the program called me. However, God did not orchestrate a "Program", He composed a "Plan". The major difference in the perspective of these two is Relationship. 

For those who lived with Christ Jesus, they were blessed to see first hand His miracles and were called to be His Disciples as they enjoyed His immediate presence. The rest of humanity, after Christ's ascension, would rely on faith - "confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1)

Christ Jesus was a Person, not a Program. Although He was and is The Word of God made flesh, He emptied Himself of all possible honor, glory and will. Then Jesus said only what He heard Father God wanting Him to say and Jesus did only what He saw Father God wanting Him to do. 

Again, belief in this man's claim to whom He said He was and is; belief in this man's miracles; belief in this man's sacrifice on The Cross for your redemption to God; belief in victory over everything through His resurrection; belief in His return for your personal, bodily habitation with Him in Heaven - is why it is worth remembering - God is personal and has The Plan.