I have given up. I had a dream once. It started my junior year in High School. From those years until recently I had bouts of depression about this unfulfilled dream in my life. I truly thought this was a God-given path for my life. I heard sermons and teachings about hold on to the dreams God has given you, but now I was well past that point.

It's funny, you hear one preach - hold on to the promises of God and then you hear another preach - surrender everything to The Lord. What am I supposed to do - hold on or let go? Plus, these sermons usually come one right behind the other. Some time ago I decided to surrender my dreams to God - I decided to let go. 

I say this as a consideration, not as a certainty for everyone, maybe your dream is really your dream for your life and not God's. In Matthew 10:39, Jesus says, "whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." "The word 'loses' was translated from the Greek word apollumni, which mean to release--as to release one's rights to something. But the key is not just forfeiting your own dreams and desires, but rather doing it 'for Jesus' sake'." (p.767, Sparkling Gems From the Greek 2, Rick Renner)

We all have preconceived ideas of how we think our lives should go. Those ideas usually turn into big dreams. In my situation - I put my dream on God and demanded a narrow scope of a certain career from Him when The Lord had so much more in store for me. Mr. Rick Renner had a similar experience and came to the conclusion - "to receive what He desired to give, we first had to release what we were holding on to and surrender to what He wanted to do in and through us." (p.768, Sparkling Gems From the Greek 2, Renner) Yes, I would go to school, receive my degree and enter the workforce in my field of study, but I have not lived out my dream. 

However, recently when I surrendered my dream to Him and His sake and/or His cause, the The Lord has been revealing that my education, work experiences and relationships have all been to set me up for His Plan, to fulfill His Dream for my life. Believers need to make sure they are believing in the promises of God, found in His Word, and not displace their own promises, found in our own plannings and imaginations, through The Lord. God's favor, promises, plan and dreams for our lives are hard to hold - When Our Hands Are Full.