Walking into any room, my desire is to introduce or display Jesus Christ without any words if possible. If you had "spiritual glasses" on - I would want you to see Jesus walk-in with me and speak through me in any given situation. My body, His atmosphere. I would want you to know and experience me as a Heavenly scent and light in your midst. 

I desire to ooze with The Holy Spirit. I want every pore, every word selection, every behavior and every thought to be consumed by God's Presence. I crave there to be no option for people but to experience the overflow of God in my life. My hope is for the people that surround me to get saturated with all the goodness and presence of Christ. If those that surround me know Him as their Savior, I pray they receive encouragement and whatever they need. If those that surround me do not know Him as Lord then perhaps the atmosphere I bring will lead to the sharing of my testimony and The Gospel. 

Ah, to be able to command a room at the very entry of it. I don't mean to portray a haughty or arrogant disposition, but one of such great, Christ-like character that people notice Christ in me as a delightful, respectable heavy Spirit upon my body anywhere I go. I believe the more I find ways to keep close to Christ and abide in His Word daily He will grant me this Commanding Presence.

His Commanding Presence in me begins by abiding in Christ, the True Vine (John 15:5). It is not enough to be "religious". My life must reflect my beliefs, teachings and songs I sing. There is awesome power behind those who have lived what they speak about. This is the authority Christians have with their Testimony. This is the Power Christians have because of Christ's blood. This is the Presence that Christians have continually available to their lives. Revelation 12:11 confirms this by stating - "They triumphed over him [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death."

2 Corinthians 2:16 says, that believers in Christ Jesus should have a "Heavenly Scent" about them that is so pleasing that it draws all people to them.

"To the one we are an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life. And who is equal to such a task?" 

I also believe, as Matthew 5:15 says, that believers should be a light to the world and especially within their own household.

"Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house." 

However, I desire to radiate more of God's Presence in my life SO THAT others may take notice of the difference, inquire and consider a change themselves.

I have shown God's compassion in my life through aiding after Hurricane Katrina, a mission trip to Ecuador, a mission trip to Puerto Rico and help in my own state down east after Hurricane Florence. I also sing in the Lord's service and teach when the opportunity arises. Still, I have this nagging inside of me that I could do much more. I don't think that will ever go away and my quest is to go on to the next big thing that God has for me that would satisfy this goal.

Saint Francis of Assisi once said, "Preach the Gospel and if necessary use words." However, I choose the double-barrel method - words and actions. I use both as you can see. I serve with my Calling of Worship/Teaching and I show compassion by going on mission trips to help others. In addition, I blog or write or type my thoughts on what the Holy Spirit is teaching me in a given season of my life. I believe we should use every tool and weapon at our disposal for God's Glory and the extension of His Kingdom. I pledge, with God's help, to continually pursue His presence and mark over all that I write, say, think and do so that His Presence will be the commanding force in my life wherever I go. Amen.