Have you ever had someone you featured in your life to others? Did you ever have anybody you bragged about and took pride in on a regular basis? Grandparents do this a lot and many times the grand-kids don't even do anything but just grow up being family. Others have a friend who saved their life or did them a great service so they praise them at every opportunity. Still others live through athletes doing amazing feats of physical skill and talent by following their career and speaking of them regularly. 

These are types of Associations that turn into Introductions. There is a powerful dynamic within these relationships that urges that person to recommend his or her Association for your benefit or enjoyment.

Growing up and to this day, if I find somebody or group of people enjoyable to be associated with, I feel comfortable and almost compelled to share the treasure with others. 

An example of this relationship treasure(s) that I cherish and have always desired to share is the relationship I have with my parents and my wife. Every day makes me appreciate them even more and the feeling of wanting people to meet them and get to know them is strong. I know their character. I know their values. I know their faith. I know their love and care. Because of the time and attention spent in our relationship I know we are both proud to have the other in our lives.

Any relationship that you want to flourish, develop and keep will take time, care and forgiveness. If you associate yourself with Christ, you will see that He has provided all of these and more as a means of one of the most grand Introductions of all time. 

All throughout my childhood, I was introduced or exposed to Jesus. In 1979 the introductions had been made and now the proposal was laid before me - would I accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior? Yes! Since then I have known Him as healer, rescuer, provider, guider, inspiration and so much more. And now that I know Him as such, I want to Introduce Him to you and others. I want to brag on my Savior. I want to boast about my King. I want to share my relationship with everyone, so that the same Association, the same relationship, the same Introduction can be made to you and others.

The world and fellow Christians should see this Association with Christ, this wholesomeness because of the Holy Spirit's presence in my life. With my parents and my wife, I am not only associated with them but deeply involved in their daily living. With Christ it is the same - I pray that I am noticed as being associated with Him because of my dedicated Christ-like life. The time and energy you spend with certain individuals gets noticed and reaps its own rewards. Paul admonishes us - "Do not be deceived, 'Bad company ruins good morals.'" (1 Corinthians 15:33) So, be mindful of the company you keep for they navigate the introductions you give.