Jesus was different. He taught peacefully, most of the time, about many good things. However, all His words and miracles depended on having some kind of relationship with Him. 

Sometimes the relationships were established before He spoke or performed His miracles. Sometimes the relationships were established after and due to His words and/or miracles. 

The Savior had come to save and that was a shock that sent ripples throughout the world, but the way He saved was different. How can a Savior King save while hanging from a cross instead of ruling from a throne in Jerusalem over the Romans and all the Earth? He was received at first, criticized, shunned and eventually rejected or crucified. 

The Holy Spirit is God, but He too was received at first, criticized later and found so different to many that He has been shunned or ignored. The creation has the audacity to say to The Creator, the Holy Spirit is weird, if anybody is weird - we are weird. 

I heard it said recently that for many The Holy Sprit is like the crazy uncle in the back room we dare not bring out to socialize. Christians are confident with Father God and Christ Jesus in the room but get quite nervous when the Holy Spirit is on display.

The outward manifestations of the Holy Spirit, for example speaking in tongues and miracles and supernatural signs can be daunting to some. The individuals who have a relationship with the Holy Spirit know Him and how He works, so this should not take them off guard. Just like knowing anybody, the more time you spend with The Holy Spirit, the more you know Him. The proximity you have to the Holy Spirit will dispel any difference you have with Him. 

There is a habit that believers have engaged in for a while that can help rid our uneasiness, our preconceived notions, our differences with the Holy Spirit. We need to stop placing the cart in front of the horse. This is a  misalignment of order habit or behavioral issue that is displayed through teaching of The Gifts of the Spirit first instead of a relationship with The Giver as priority. We need to have a relationship with The Holy Spirit first so that we may appreciate and capitalize on the Gifts given.

I realized something recently that has shed new light on my relationship with the Holy Spirit. In Isaiah 9:6, I had been placing a comma between the words "Wonderful" and "Counselor" when there is not. Even though God is Wonderful, even though He is a Counselor, this passage has two-word descriptions of God - "Wonderful Counselor", "Mighty God" and "Everlasting Father". And the Holy Spirit has been that to me for some time now - Wonderful Counselor.

Scripture says that The Holy Spirit is the third person of The Holy Trinity - Father, Son and  Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, helper, friend and reflection of Father God and Christ. He is all definitions of love spelled out for us in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. He is an interceder for us - He is someone who communicates with Christ and Father God when we don't know how to pray, what to pray or when to pray.

Back in the old days you had to get permission to come before a king's presence. But now, you and I have The Presence of The King of all kings wherever we go, whatever we do and whatever we say. His Majesty spends all His time with me, even when I spend some of my time with Him. I feel a relationship with a friend we have in Jesus, The Holy Spirit, is way past due. So, let us seek out daily our King, our Wonderful Counselor - The Difference In Life!