Much, if not all, of what gets planted in the natural world does not have a choice in the matter. The Seed does not have any choice in when it is planted, where it is planted, how it is planted, who plants it or the purpose of its planting.

    Now a tree or any other healthy plant will contain a strong root system. There are usually tells or signs in nature if a tree or plant is healthy and this reflects on the root system. The environment the seed developed under - the favorable conditions that kept the growth process flowing, proper soil and few weeds are all contributors to a healthy tree or plant.

    The human being has Seeds that he/she can deposit every day - words and actions. The difference here is that people have the power of the deposit or the planting. Once our word-choice or act has been decided and seeded, either on purpose, casual conversation or in jest - the seed is planted.

    Many human words and actions will have a lasting impression - some positive, some negative. The roots of a lot of word-trees go down deep and are permanent. We need to make good choices before we speak or act so that our seed is productive. 

    In Matthew 13 Jesus tells the parable of The Sower. In this illustration, Jesus mentions the farmer "scattering" the seed in the various places - the path, the rocky places, thorns and good soil. So, the intention of seeding in all these areas is noble, but the reception, development and results are going to be different.

    To combat this perhaps we should do a little prep work in the field first. Perhaps we should get to know people in each category that is listed here by Jesus and loosen their soil with conversation about God. Maybe fertilize their environment with kind deeds. Just choose to be there for each kind of person.

    The one along the path may be confused or disoriented. He/she may be on the verge of having their joy snatched away by the enemy. Choose to be there for these people.

    Those that are experiencing rocky times, whether it be financial hardship or relationships need counsel and simple venting to someone. Choose to be that ear for those who need to cry out.

    There are many who are feeling the pain of life - physically, mentally and spiritually. These thorns need to be pushed back and wounds tended by our choosing to be that comfort.

    The individuals who are having a solid life with many blessings need to keep thanksgiving on the tip of their tongues. We need to be there for these people to assist in this development and get them involved in the previous three scenarios as soon as possible.

    The land could use some plowing before the seed goes out and in for maturation. Getting to know someone and setting a foundation of genuine care and authentic relationship is crucial to planting God-inspired words and actions. Be careful of The Seed(s) you plant, God through us plows, plants and grows His Garden Of Opportunities.