Humanity was meant to rule the world. Said another way, we were meant to steward or govern the world and everything in it. Want proof? Great! Read Genesis 1:26-31. In that passage you will find God giving the first humans dominion over His created nature of this planet - the animals and plant-life. And the control was not over just a small stretch of land or continent, but over the whole Earth.    

        If you keep reading in Genesis you find we did alright with Adam being tasked to name the animals and God deeming everything "good". However, there came a point when even God's created human helpmate for Adam was not enough to keep them from being convinced they could rule, govern and/or steward this Earth alone; without the counsel of God. 

        Humanity believed the lie that we could run our lives ourselves, we could rule this world ourselves and we could be like God (Genesis 3:4-6). Sin or rebellion against God entered creation, including humanity and all our problems began, especially our decisions about how to handle God's favor in our lives. 

        Even today, humanity looks to all other people and things besides God to answer their life-questions. The Fall was great and The Corruption was deep. But Christ, with His own life has paved a "bridge" back to Father God over the valley of disobedience, self-righteousness and God's eternal judgment.

        For those of us who are grateful and thankful to God in and through everything, not necessarily for everything; for those who are humble and recognize the gifts of God in their lives - maturing in Christ must be active and ongoing. The Christian development must continually derive from What We Do With God's Blessings.