Why can't we all just get along? That has been a question asked throughout the ages. But this question goes beyond just mere difference of opinion. All of us, from the first human beings, have varying opinions on things, but the choice of how we act on those opinions is what matters. Throughout most of our history we think and/or allow emotions to drive violence to the forefront of our responses.

        The nature of this beast can be detected in a toddler as selfish behavior. The "I" statements are plentiful at this age. And unfortunately, sometimes, some individuals do not outgrow this stage. However, the beginning of this nature or programming can be found all the way back in The Garden of Eden.

        The root of it all is three-fold - (1) a deceiver, (2) the deception and (3) the deceived. The Deceiver being Satan, deceived the parents of humanity, Adam and Eve, with the deception - the lie that they would be like God if they ate of a particular fruit tree. The fact of the matter is that God said - "Do not..." and Satan said "Do, because...". Due to the acceptance of Satan's reasoning, humanity's programming was altered, in fact, it was corrupted. Sin or the act of disobedience now became the dominant nature of our being.

        When you marry lying with disobedience your offspring are pride and violence. Adam and Eve were lied to, they lied to each other and they lied to God about their situation. Adam and Eve embraced their disobedience and the consequences are meted out with pride still getting in our way and violence, unfortunately, being a first choice rather than last resort.

        The birthing and manifestation of pride and violence came when Cain's pride was hurt concerning his offering to The Lord as compared to his brother Abel's offering. With Cain, violence, to the point of death was the result of the corrupted programming; of the terrible mix of untruth and defiance. This act rocketed humanity into an evil mindset. Humanity's thoughts were so depraved all the time that God was about to hit the reset button. But up-rightness and honesty or integrity was found in Noah, enough to save humanity but not enough to get rid of the sinful nature that even plagued Noah and his family. This proved that you could be a great person, but you still had a disease, you still needed a cure.

        Now that we know the cause of humanity's issues, especially unto conflicts, how is this stopped, reprogrammed or at least slowed down? That is a topic for another day. But until then at least we have got to The Root of It All.