We Must Keep Moving


        Have you ever felt like your life has reached a point of staleness? Did you feel like your life was in a barren, desert wilderness or you were on the road, caught in a rut with a spinning, stuck tire or floating on the windless, doldrums of the sea?

        In each case there is a stagnant experience. I would dare to venture that most of us would like to continue moving and in a positive direction. Sometimes the fruitless environment you are in is the tool used to strengthen your body, mind, spirit and character.

        There are times as Christians when believers are brought into areas like these to wait upon The Lord. Then there are times like these that demand us to act. Those times are when we seek out nourishment in the desert or push our vehicle out of the rut or row through the calmness of the sea with the result being we gain strength and knowledge from God revealing more abilities, talents and skills to tap into for further challenges. 

        I encourage you and me today - whenever those wilderness times, stuck in a rut times, doldrums arrive - pray to know which you are to do - wait or actively wait for The Lord. I have been in times like this in my life. If we all, with the help of the Lord, do not pull our boot straps up, activate our faith and try to get out of the wilderness, rut or doldrums - things like depression, laziness, bitterness and regret are eager to take over. With God's help, We Must Keep Moving.