Words Are Important

I have heard it said from the pulpit, God only goes or responds to those churches that desire Him, that seek His presence. The word "only" in this sentence makes the speaker seem to know of absolute knowledge about the exclusive behavior of God. According to Scripture, I believe this is not true.

Romans 5:8-10 states, "But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Jesus does not just or only go to those or respond to those who seek Him, He sought out His own Disciples and even taught about seeking after The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin. God is The Pursuer of Souls.

Does The Lord reward those who earnestly seek Him? Of course He does! But using the word "ONLY" paints Christ as a spoiled brat that runs off to receive praise from another church or area of the nation or world who is prepared to give Him "proper praise". The time of The Law was conditional, we live in a time of The Spirit of Grace. 

If there is any condition that seems to be required for God's presence to arrive and move, that requirement comes from mankind. Believers cannot make or whip-up the presence of God. We can simply invite the Holy Spirit and create an environment of praise that His Majesty deserves.

Meanwhile, because The Church is the representation of Jesus on earth, The Church has to balance the cherishing of God's presence exemplified through Mary and the obedience through service exemplified through Martha. That is the corporate view. Personally the Mary/Martha balanced lifestyle could translate to private time with Christ to start your day followed by obedience to any and all leadings of the Holy Spirit. 

However, to pigeon-hole God into this exclusive behavior, when knowing that His nature is a Pursuer and The Church is His arms, hands, legs and feet - is incorrect. Words Are Important.