I Yearn For This Day

As far back as I can account for in history, whether documented by books of eye-witnesses, books of oral traditions or books of faith - there has always been strife, struggle and violence.

If you believe in The Fall of Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:12-19), as I do, then the only time there seems to have been true peace was before Pride was found to have developed in him. Ever since that time, Pride has motivated him and many efforts of friction to the point of death throughout space and time. I cannot wait until Christ makes all things new and our motivation, interests, influences and passions will be utterly changed and perfected to Jesus and His views and ways.

One might think that humans would learn the lessons of war, hate, covetousness, unforgiveness and the list is almost endless. The culprit continues to be, at this point, not only Pride but also the Father of Pride and he persists in instigating all the negative attributes that stem from or would be birthed out of Pride in order to destroy God's creation - humanity.

The daily striving to conqueror Pride is real. However, we have a helper through the Holy Spirit because the ultimate victory has been secured by The Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus through His sacrificial death on the cross and victorious resurrection. 

However, the full manifestation of Christ's payment and victory for the believer's salvation and stance over Pride is still future (Revelation 20:7-10; 21:3-4, 25-27; 22:3-5), but it is prophesied and promised. I Yearn For This Day.