IMHO - December 30, 2010 Edition

Let us lump some game summaries together.

Tarheels vs. Evansville
  1. Sloppy 1st half play
  2. Better 2nd half play
  3. The match-up was for the Zeller family to come down from nearby (approx. 40 miles) and watch the game, they were not disappointed.
Long Beach State vs. Tarheels
  1. Too close
  2. Teams kept exchanging fast breaks
  3. Parents got to attend the game

William and Mary vs. Tarheels
  1. Carolina had better dominate in this one and did.
  2. Our 3-ball showed up
Tarheels vs. Rutgers
  1. 3 Pointer continues to drop.
  2. Too many turnovers for both teams IMHO.
  3. Great ball movement!
To all...Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays, oh yes, and...GO HEELS!