IMHO (Kentucky and more, Edition)

A shout out to Tanya's uncle, Herb Price, for the tickets he supplied me and my dad to the Kentucky vs. UNC game!  The National Anthem was worth the price of the tickets!  The Chancellor played a nice, smooth jazzed up version on the keyboard while a female staff member sang the song.  Great team!

After the game we went out the door to find everything covered in snow.  Very beautiful.  Kinda cold standing in line waiting for the next bus to come pick you up with a "jillian" other people, but the win and being with my dad made it all worth it.

There was a little spark of what Barnes can provide for the Heels in this game.  But the inconsistent play by him still continues.  Thankfully for Carolina the low post is occupied by one Tyler Zeller.  And I cannot scream loud enough - Feed The Monster!  If the others can practice and really nail down some perimeter shots then when the "monster" is full or cannot partake because he has got others that desire his entree, then Zeller can pass the ball out and allow others to "dine".  This has happened a number of times with other players.  The other team would double up and try to trap, especially Henson, and leave Zeller open for the underneath basket. 

I like the two big man plus three more speed body line-up that coach Williams has sometimes.  The key to the success of this line-up and any combo is ball handling, especially by your point guard/floor general, if you have one.  Leave Larry Drew off the court and UNC is better for it.  I'm not crazy about Watts either.  And those that know me, know how much I have wanted these two guys gone for such a long time now.  These two had better step up their play or when they come in the game it is going to bring the Tarheel's level of play down, In My Humble Opinion.

I tell you a situation Carolina better get a grip on quickly is the switching of the screens going on around the top of the key or around any area concerning the three-point arc.  Any amount of hesitation of who is guarding whom and a three ball is on it's way.

Low post play, defensively from Zeller and Henson and offensively from the same players, plus the free throws from Zeller at the end were the keys to this victory.

Switching gears...I'm not one that is much on Carolina football.  I wish them well and all, but who and where they are playing is messed up.
UNC vs. Tennessee at Nashville, TN
6:40 PM, ESPN, Music City Bowl
December 30th
Really!  You are going to allow TN to travel 2 hours and 52 minutes west to Nashville and play in their own state in a bowl game?  The Florida Gators are doing that too this year.  USC played in their own stadium against Texas a few years back and lost.  This is another something I think that has to change.  This would be like UNC traveling west to Boone and playing at ASU's field.  Get these games into parts of the country where the income could use a boost.  They say it is all about the money, well use it to help the underserved areas in the country that don't see this kind of action.  My word you have enough bowls to spread the love with, why use the same locations year after year?  And get them at neutral sites, at least out of the state of both teams concerned.

Evansville is next on the schedule for the UNC basketball team then Long Beach State.  Carolina better be prepared for these teams and not slack off by looking ahead to the Texas game.  We shall see.