Authenticity, this is the key in today's world.  The current technology can manipulate video and audio so much as to make anyone believe or accept anything.  Explaining away a mystery is fun, challenging at times, and sometimes dangerous.  It requires evidence beyond the shadow of a doubt and that is where authenticity at every level comes into play.

Bigfoot.  The story about and reports of this creature have been around at least since the Native Americans ruled the United States.  The legend of Bigfoot has been circulated within the tribes of our native Americans before settlers from anywhere else on the globe visited this land. That's the first major piece of evidence - a culture and society that already existed here long before anybody else had a record of a being they called Sasquatch. 

Even though the Patterson film came along and some claimed it to be staged, the shear number of sightings, documented on video or not, is the second piece of evidence to me.  In addition, throughout the years not only have the number of sightings been impressive, but the quality of people that have dared to place their reputations on the line by speaking out have been present.  Why would good, upstanding citizens with good paying jobs and a good family and friends decide to jeopardize all that they had with a story about witnessing Bigfoot somewhere - if it weren't true?  Too many "quality" people seeing something way before social networking on computers was available (i.e.,, etc..) gives me a moment of pause here.

All the physical descriptions of this creature match close enough to place it at number three in my considerations.  The drawings and verbal portraits of Bigfoot are eerily similar.  Some may say it could be a societal psychological mass agreement of some sort.  But I tend to think there are enough individuals out there who would stand up and say, "No, my Bigfoot looked like....", if their encounter was different enough to warrant that response.

What we don't have that would help tremendously - a body.  Other than the whole body of a Sasquatch, hair samples, scat (poop) samples, bones (from a deceased creature).  In order to scavenge for these items, their territory, for the most part, must be invaded.  Of course a huge part of our recreation is situated in the woods and along rivers - right in the middle or along "Squatchy" land (especially in the northwest part of the U.S.).  I have heard it said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick."  This could be applied here perfectly.  However, I would suggest two types of weapons, instead of a "big stick" - a tranquilizer gun (with darts containing the scientific amount of knock-the-heck-out juice) and a regular gun of your choosing (preferably extremely powerful).  All participants in your party (adult) which are traveling into Bigfoot land should have these weapons and be prepared to use the tranquilizer gun first, so as to preserve the body for science.  If for some reason things go south and that doesn't work, the back-up weapon of choice is at your disposal. 

I have a feeling this mystery could be ended really quick if we put our minds and effort to it and just hunted the thing down, but I also think that there are people out there that desire it to stay a mystery or unknown to the majority of people.  Somebody, somewhere knows more than what the t.v. shows, books, and legends are telling.  All I'm saying is with what has been presented over all the years since before this nation was a nation until now - something is out there and it very well could be this Sasquatch, this Bigfoot.