You've seen bumper stickers that read - "Proud Parents of....." - you fill in the rest of that phrase.  I have seen many variations of proud parents.  However, I am a Proud Son of My Parents.  I don't know too many children, kids, or even adults that have their parents still alive that are saying this now-a-days.  I am extremely blessed that God gave me my parents.  Dad - Tim and Mom - Paula.  I was also incredibly honored and blessed to have my father's mother live with us also - Pansy.

When I look around at my friends and family that have children right now I notice the absolute sacrifice that it demands - the life of the mom and dad.  They basically lay their lives down when they have a child.  There's not one moment in this life, on this planet, where those parents stop being parents and the children the children.  A great helper and teacher of life, that is what a parent should be and that is what I have in my parents.  And that goes across the board.

I have received great providers in my life.  All of which can be traced back to the ultimate Provider, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Provision covers a multitude of areas in life and my parents have done a wonderful job providing.  I am spoiled, but not with the riches of this world.  What I have always had in my parents is an abundance of Love, support, advice, direction, discipline, prayer cover, and Christian upbringing/heritage.

I can't count how many times in my life, even as a youth, I have observed other kids who do not have such a blessed family structure (to say it nicely).  Every time I have noticed these blessed circumstances I thanked my God that of all families in the world He placed me in this one.  I can't begin to imagine the sacrifices behind the scene while I was growing up to provide for me or just make me happy.  I look back now and see places/areas where I know they girded up their loins and made things work.  Thank you mom and dad.

They have always been there.  They are still here and providing (when appropriate) at this writing.  They are still married, which is rare in these days too.  Grandma is somewhere in Paradise sitting down with the Lord and getting her questions answered I'm sure, awaiting the rest of us to arrive so she can welcome us and give us a tour. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity and put it to writing - Thank You Lord for My Parents.  I love them very much and I know that you love them even more.  Please provide for them in every aspect of their lives.  And please allow me to always have a grateful heart toward the stewards you placed over my life.  In your name Jesus I pray, amen.