My title says it all, but too elaborate - many, if not all, universities to some degree, have become Farm League Universities for athletes.  Academics?  What is that?  Learning a base or core set of topics to better prepare you for life, who would ever offer and take such classes?  And student athletes who actually do the studying of a specific area of skill/trade in order to fall back on should the Pro venture not pan out - who would consider that?  It makes too much sense.  Ah yes, they have put all their eggs in one basket - the athletic "ticket"/"ride".  Well, they are at the right place here at The University of Farm League Athletes.

Now, I know not every athlete falls in this category but this type of university has money to make and an image to uphold.  So, learn your sport, but please keep the team, school, and NCAA violations hush-hush.  Do not use the media or social media outlets to expose your personal violations or others.  Our motto here is "shut up and play".  Now, let's go win, so the Pro scouts will look your way and we can get the best new recruits!