The Long Beach State game I thought was a matter of the team finding their rhythm and staying in that groove.  LBS was playing on their home court so they had all their vibes and flow going early.  But once Carolina settled into their gameplan and took the fast-break opportunities when they came, the outcome favored UNC.

In the Mississippi State game the Tarheel team I have wanted to see this season finally showed up on the court.  Guard play, shooting, height, and defense were all keys to the win in this one.  McDonald and Hairston were instrumental in bringing the threat from outside.  P.J. even hit a beyond the half-court line shot to end the first half (and you know it is going good when you hit shots like those).

In the Butler game, everything the UNC squad did right the night before they left it at the hotel and nobody went back to get it.  It was a complete turn-around performance - no defending the three (obviously - Achilles heel), we spent most of the game running around on defense, poor decision making on passes and shot selection, and when Carolina did shoot there was a lid on the basket (only 18 points in the first half).  Turnovers were rampant and coach would not call a timeout.  Need I go on?  I guess the saving grace for this Tarheel fan is - better the kick in the butt now than later in the second half of the season or tourney play.

A mediocre game, a stellar game, a no-show game - the Tarheels are inconsistent right now and their chemistry desperately needs the right mixing especially with Indiana (#1) waiting for us on their court next!


-Chad Pritchard