From my perspective and my expectations there is not a whole lot to be said.  The play and outcome of the UNC vs. Chaminade game was online with what I thought would happen and the result of the UNC vs. Indiana matchup was right on target.  A win against an inferior team and a loss against the # 1 team in the nation respectively.

The lost really magnified our youth and the weaknesses within our youth.  Rebounding and ball-handling are two weaknesses I would like to bring out here.  The Tarheels have too many players playing volleyball with the basketball instead of going up strong and grabbing the ball with two hands and coming down with a sure possession.  Last I checked it was a basketball court, not a volleyball court that they were playing on, but what do I know, I'm just an analyst.

The Tarheels have a lot of refining to do especially in the fundamentals.  However, Coach Williams desperately needs to find the right combination to the right mix of chemicals/players to be on the court at any given time and quick - if the young Heels are to have a fighting chance in the ACC and the nation this season.

Next on the list is UAB at home on Saturday, December 1st at 6 pm.