"This is my one hope - that he would be pleased with my decisions."

This was a quote in a video game I was recently playing but it has become a personal goal toward my Heavenly Father ever since I heard it.  Immediately the Holy Spirit quickened it for a Faith or Spiritual Application with me.  My Lord knows and everybody else knows that I Do Not make all the right decisions (I think I heard an "amen" from some of you there).

Prayer:  Thank you Lord I know you as saving, merciful, faithful, gracious, and forgiving.  This does not excuse my poor decisions, nor give me the right to purposefully make more of them.  No.  Instead it drives me to appreciate and be grateful for your loving kindness by trying to make better decisions.

I am adopted.  My Father is God.  Because He first loved me through His Son Jesus, I find joy in exercising the encouraging words from Paul to the church in Ephesus (5:10) - "find out what pleases the Lord."  A couple of things the Scripture says "pleases the Lord" are "the prayer of the upright" (Proverbs 15:8) and "children obeying their parents in everything" (Colossians 3:20).  So, there is a start.

I don't seek to please Father God my King out of obligation.  God put the command to love Him perfectly (which we could never do) on the body of Jesus as He was sacrificed upon the cross (Romans 8:1). Now my love for God and service unto God comes from Him first loving me and His never-ending display of affection toward me still today.

So, with the help of the Holy Spirit in my life I say this also about my Lord and to my Lord - "This is my one hope - that he would be pleased with my decisions."