There was an evening a few days back when I was resting on my couch after talking to Tanya about things of the Lord.  I dozed off into what seemed to be the Netherworld - that state between sleep and conscienceness.  Then I heard a voice speaking to me saying, "Three is important to God.  Look at these examples."  Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind some occasions in Scripture where 3 was key.  Right as the last example was being shown me I was waking up and speaking, saying, "Wow, Lord!  I did not know that three meant that much to you."

Tanya was dozing too and I woke her with my declaration out of my sleep and she said, "What did you say?"  So, I told her of my experience.

To many Christians and non-Christians alike numerology is not a surprise in the Bible.  Numbers bring us logic and order, definite equations with definite outcomes that can be counted on for eternity.  And Christians have The God of Order and Purpose.  The first 7 bulleted examples are the ones the Holy Spirit gave me concerning the 3's.  Afterward, the next grouping of bulleted examples are further research.
  • Shem, Ham, Japeth
  • 3 men that visited Abraham and Sarah (announcement of Issac)
  • Peter's denial
  • 3 wise men
  • Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
  • 3 crosses
  • 3 days in the grave

  • 3 days and nights in the belly of the fish (Jonah)
  • 3 shelters or booths proposed (Moses, Elijah, Jesus at Mt. of Transfiguration)
  • a matter established by two or three witnesses
  • where two or three come together in my name there I am in the midst of them
  • Parable of the Good Samaratin had 3 examples
  • Luke 13:7 - Jesus had visited a fig tree once over the course of 3 years and each time it was unfruitful
  • Vision in Acts 10:16 happens 3 times
  • And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -1 Cor. 13:13
  • Jesus prayed that "this cup pass from him" 3 times
  • For there are three that testify:  the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement. - 1 John 5:7-8
  • Revelation 11:9 - 3.5 days they looked on the dead bodies
  • Revelation 14:5 - The Three Angels
  • Revelation 16:3 - Three evil spirits
  • Revelation 21:13 - three gates on each side of New Jerusalem
  • Past, present, future
  • Body, mind, spirit
  • Father, Son, Holy Spirit
I am not sure of the purpose or reason behind the Holy Spirit sharing this knowledge with me, but just that He spoke and you can see His words supported throughout Scripture was and is enough to get and keep me Excited!  So, I share this experience and slight mystery with you.  I have heard it said the number three represents Creativity and Communication.  What a Marvelous and Fascinating God I love and serve.