First off, the title of the book I am reading should be How To Worship THE King, not "a" King - in my humble opinion.

Now, taking a look at page 6. There is a vision God gave the author, Zack Neese. It was a vision of God descending on His throne in the middle of a worship service and destroying a symbolic wall of glass that divided the musicians and the congregation. This allowed all to be who God has called us to be - worshipers and priests of God - worshiping together.

God immediately showed me a similar vision as I finished reading that passage. God took away the elevated stage at the front of my church's sanctuary and had all the musicians and singers on the same standing ground as the congregation. "What is the elevation for?" Came into my spirit. "You've got cameras that are elevated in the back and screens that can be viewed from everywhere."

Is it a "Pedestal Complex" that we have in some churches and some individuals? This society with it's concerts (secular and Christian) and elevated stages sure lends itself to this condition. Unless we are giving instruction on a new song, new dance or new anything to worship God - why do the people on the usual elevated platform have to be seen? Again, if we have to be seen to lead, we have that technology within many of our sanctuaries to display us at the proper time on the screens while standing eyeball-to-eyeball with the congregation.  Even my pastor loves to walk among the congregation while teaching his message, so away with the stage - I say.

For many churches my vision will just have to be adopted as an Attitude of the heart and mind. For other churches that are being constructed I would encourage them to take this vision into consideration when they build the front of the auditorium or Sanctuary.

Unity and unity of vision is what the "level Playing Field" is all about.  This means making all kinds of efforts to humble ourselves within and outside the Sanctuary walls SO THAT we may experience a more Tangible manifestation of His presence, glory, and power.  Then may we all tarry there, in His presence, and worship Him for a while.