This modern society is saturated with Image. For every conceivable way someone's image can be improved upon, rest assured there is a product or service for that "need".  In addition, if you think you don't "need" whatever IT IS, you better not be one of the weak-minded, because the advertisers of the world today are well-versed in Jedi Mind Tricks/Powers (wink).  Just when you think that particular product or service is not desired, you find yourself saying, "I gotta have that.....".

Like I said in the first sentence, everything is image driven.  Many, if not most, of the products and services we are bombarded with have us focus on us.  Plus, if our body form, clothes, perfume/cologne, car, house, family, job, amount of money, etc... do not line up with the accepted, present-day image, then the world says, "Tsk, tsk" and thumbs their nose at us in the air.

So, my question to you is - where do you receive your Image?  Of all the sources out there to influence -  who you are, what you will become in life, and the value you will feel as a human being - where do you derive your Image?  Is it your parent?  Is it both parents?  Is it a pastor?  Is it a brother or sister?  Is it a best friend?  Is it in a movie star?  Is it in a famous athlete or author?

You know the catch phrase - "I wanna be like Mike."?  I recently saw a sign that read - "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." (by Oscar Wilde).  While there is truth in this statement I would like to take it to the next level.  If we desire something or someone to run after as the next best Image, I have got one for us - Jesus of Nazareth.  I don't have to execute His calling - the salvation of the world - but I can study His character, behavior, and teachings - then try my best to model my life after His with the dynamite power of the Holy Spirit living within me.  Even being myself, I can acquire attributes of Jesus that will go a long way in living.

Another great thing to realize is myself through God's eyes.  Oh!  How the enemy does not want Christians and potential Christians to grasp the wonderful ways and benefits that Father God views us now through or in Christ Jesus.  Zack Neese helps by saying -

"God spends quite a bit of time in the Bible teaching us who we really are.  We are children of God, friends of God, more then conquerors, chosen and dearly loved, citizens of heaven, the redeemed, saints, a holy nation, and a kingdom of priests (to state a few).  Each identifier communicates three things to us:  how God sees us, how much He values us, and how we can serve His heart." (p.4, How To Worship A King)

Just these few things that Mr. Neese mentions are wonderful to start confessing everyday over our lives.  There is much more.  God came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).  But it all starts with self-worth and how we ascertain or equate self-worth in our lives.

"Religion teaches us that our function determines our worth and our identity (I am because I do).  Worship teaches us that our identity determines our worth and our function (I do because I am).  And God determines our identity." (p.4, How To Worship A King)

As for me and my house, our identity is being more and more wrapped up in Jesus Christ every day and we praise Him for it!

It is all about The Right Viewpoint.  Get it and Live it!