There is a King who rules over all that was, is, or ever will be.  His servants, which He deems as swift as the wind and as passionate as fire, saw He and His Son build everything.  And once everything was built the servants shout for joy.  The Kingdom experienced the best of times for countless number of years.

Then one day the King's Chief Servant reasoned he could usurp the King and His Throne.  But The King would have none of it.  The King made a special place of discomfort for those who rebelled with no hope of appeal or parole.  The one-third of servants that the Chief Servant had recruited for his cause were demoted, exiled, and damned to that place.  The Chief Servant now was a wanderer, still allowed to come before The King, but stripped of all previous titles and privileges.

Many years passed and The King decided He desired like-company.  So, His Word went forth, in a certain part of His kingdom, and a man came to His court offering his service and friendship.  The King accepted the man's offering and named him Head Steward over His garden and livestock.  Years passed and The King observed that it would be good to have help for this man that is of his kind.  So, The King's Word went forth again and a woman appeared before the court offering her service and friendship which The King immediately took and told her to help The Steward.

After a while, The Wanderer showed up in this part of the kingdom.  He figured if I can't beat The King, I'm gonna hurt Him.  So, he executed a plan that involved the The Steward and The Helper falling into disobedience with The King.  The King being the just and loving King, disciplined all involved and promised a permanent solution to the disease His Kingdom had now been infected with - disobedience or rebellion.

People came and went.  Nations rose and fell.  Throughout it all, The King of it all tried to get their attention to a better lifestyle.  Great men and woman who knew the ways of The King came and went.  Prophets of The King came and went.  The kings of a special group of people by The King came and went - with no true influence for lasting change concerning rebellion toward The King.

The Disease got so bad that when The King's Nephew, The Son's Cousin, came announcing that The Answer was not far behind him, The Doctors who desired to keep their job as true or false physicians probably had a hand in having The Nephew beheaded.

The result was even worse when The King sent His only Son to provide The Answer - He was betrayed, given a bogus trial, tortured, and killed.  Man buried The Son, but you can't keep The Son of The King who rules over all that was, is, and is to come in the very place that The King built for His servants who rebelled. It is impossible to keep The Good Man, The Son of The King, The Son of Man, The Son of God - down. He has risen!  He has risen, indeed! And He sits with The King, in the court of the Kingdom of all that is, at His right hand.

Both The King and The Son knew beforehand that The Disease would worsen so bad that not only would The Son have The Answer, The Son would be The Answer.  Faith because of the Grace of The King and The Son now rules The Kingdom and will manifest itself fully in the near future when The Son comes to destroy The Wanderer and all who side with him!