One thing all of creation is guaranteed is No Privacy. God is everywhere, sees everything and knows all. His numerous Holy angels are present also, executing God's will in every area of creation. I cannot speak to those to have passed on - whether they "look over the Banister of Heaven" and can view our lives here on earth. However, just the fact that God's eyes and His interested spectators, the angels of Heaven, are watching, should be enough to warrant a lifestyle change or at least a pause to consider one.

The lifestyle I am speaking of here is matching your unseen life with your seen living. Do your practices, attitude, and words with God in private translate over into your public demeanor? Ones demeanor is like a tell in a game of cards, it notifies people of who you are and what your tendencies will be toward them and others. A Christ-like demeanor says you are a Christian and you practice what you preach/teach/believe.

Observing my ultimate example in this - Christ Jesus - His alone moments matched His lifestyle. His alone moments were spent in prayer. I discovered Jesus loved mountainsides as locations to pray. I noticed that "when" He prayed the time of day ranged from early morning hours all the way through to all-night hours. This meant to me that there is no set time to pray. However, whenever Jesus could get alone with Father God, He took the opportunity no matter when it was during the day. I uncovered "what" Jesus prayed. He prayed for children, Himself, His disciples, all Believers, and people at Lazarus' tomb. He thanked Father God for food and for hearing Him. With the children He might as well have prayed, but it is not recorded He did, just that He touched them. With Himself, Jesus prayed for glorification, "cup" to be passed, and the surrender of His spirit. With His Disciples, Jesus prayed for protection, sanctification, identification (who are the twelve), and revelation (of who He was). With all Believers, Jesus prayed for unity, company in heaven, and forgiveness. With the people at Lazarus' tomb, Jesus prayed for the power of God to be displayed for the benefit of the people standing there. (

With no privacy granted to us from Heaven - do my alone moments truly match behavior in public that would bring glory to God? If I praise Him in private to His face, why not in public? If I proclaim to Him who He is to me in private, why not in public? If I pray in private, why not in public? As long as we still have the freedoms we have and as long as there are lost and struggling people needing to see a good life-example of a true Christian, then we must match up our private and public moments to show forth a level of integrity not yet seen. However, it all starts with two - The Master and the apprentice (nod to Star Wars). Respectively, it all starts with Christ Jesus and you in your - Alone Moments.