When we use the word Lust, it is usually in a negative sexual context. There are also people, places and things we can lust for, but again a negative association is usually applied. There seems to be an account in Scripture where the word Lust takes on a more Holy aspect.

James 4:5 in the King James Version says, "Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?" The original Greek word used here for "lusteth" is epipotheō (ep-ee-poth-eh'-o) meaning to yearn; to dote upon, that is, intensely crave possession (lawfully or wrongfully); earnestly desire; greatly long after. Romans 1:4 declares The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Holiness - "and who through the Spirit of holiness was appointed the Son of God in power by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ our Lord." Now, with this understanding, this lust must be a healthy, Godly lust.

Two more translations I will share with you. First, the New International Version, then The Living Bible version.
  • "Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us?" (NIV)
  • "Or what do you think the Scripture means when it says that the Holy Spirit, whom God has placed within us, watches over us with tender jealousy?" (TLB)
There are some questions that loom here. What could The Holy Spirit be jealous about? What does He intensely crave, earnestly desire, or greatly long after? What does The Holy Spirit lust after? The answer is you and me. 

This answer should come as no surprise, but we should not take it for granted either. The Holy Spirit's passion for us reminds me of the great passion The Father showed toward the prodigal son while still far off. The Holy Spirit lusts after you so you will lust after Him and His ways. Just a verse before, in James 4:4, we read the confirmation of this - 

  • You are like an unfaithful wife who loves her husband’s enemies. Don’t you realize that making friends with God’s enemies—the evil pleasures of this world—makes you an enemy of God? I say it again, that if your aim is to enjoy the evil pleasure of the unsaved world, you cannot also be a friend of God. (TLB)
Is it any wonder then that God shares a title or name of Himself - Jealous - with Moses in Exodus 34:14?  

Mr. Rick Renner is where I got the inspiration to share this topic with you today, he finishes it up by saying - 

"James used the word epipothei to describe the Holy Spirit’s intense desire to possess us and fill us. This word emphatically means the Holy Spirit wants more and more of us. When it comes to you and me, He can never get enough! 

Likewise, the Holy Spirit desires to possess you — all of you. This desire is so intense that it almost appears excessive compared to natural, human lust. He is absolutely focused on changing you, empowering you, conforming you to the image of Jesus Christ, and helping you fulfill God’s plan for your life.

The amazing thing is that the Holy Spirit dwells within each of us as believers, thinking of and concentrating on each of us all at the same time! He is always looking for ways to help us in our walk with God. The Holy Spirit is consumed with a flaming, passionate desire to fill us up with His love and affection and to possess more and more of us.

I encourage you today — let the Holy Spirit love you! Let Him have full rein and control of your life. Let Him exercise His authority in you! Let Him flood you with His divine desire. Every intention He has for you is good, holy, and pure. How can you go wrong by surrendering your life, your mind, your family, your spouse, your children, your business, your ministry, your actions, and your behavior — everything you are and everything you have — to the Holy Spirit? You can’t go wrong. In fact, this kind of surrender is the only right thing to do that will matter for all eternity.

The Holy Spirit “lusteth” for you. Meditate deeply on this truth, and you will come to understand in a more profound way than ever before what it means to have the Spirit of Almighty God Himself passionately loving you and yearning for you. The Holy Spirit will never be satisfied with shallow fellowship; He is in constant pursuit of true, deep, intimate communion with you. So make a decision that from this day forward, you will start satisfying the Holy Spirit’s passionate yearning for you to know Him intimately on a deeper, more sustained level than you ever have before. I promise you — it will make a difference in your life!" (August 2016 Teaching Letter, email)