I would venture to guess that there are people in most everyone's lives that we like to be around for an extended period of time, an entire day maybe a lifetime. Then there are others we like, but can only take their personality for a handful of hours. There are others we tolerate for a few minutes and others still that we avoid altogether. 

For whatever reasons you and I may list for having that someone around for a whole day or a whole lifetime, we do need breaks from their presence, perspective and personality every now-and-then. However, I believe there is a Perfect One that meets all relationship chemistry - Jesus Christ.

I believe that just as God has created and ordained The Church to be recognized as His Bride corporately and be treated as such, so too we will be viewed individually by Him - an individual married to Christ. I love to ponder the benefits of such a union when it will be finally and fully manifested.

Finally, I will be able to see and hear my Savior that I have trusted since 1979 (9 years old). I will get to laugh with Him. I will have the opportunity to know Him better. I will get to ask Him questions that have bothered me for a while. I will get to hear Him sing. I believe everybody, miraculously, will be able to hang out with Jesus anytime. For Jesus is and will be That Someone You Will Never Want To Leave.