I have had quite a number of people honk their horn at me because they think I can go on, BUT I cannot because of the slower traffic in front of me. Perhaps they are honking at them, but it comes across as a message to me - to pick up the pace - when I can't due to traffic conditions. Some individuals cannot or choose not to recognize what is further down the road and only focus on what is in front of them. Many call this nearsightedness. God helps with this.

There are people who are in the other category too. These individuals are great planners and thrive on looking ahead either as part of their job or just the way they feel they are wired. This exclusive view of - just the future - does not appreciate the now and in between time. Many-a-relationship has suffered because of this perspective. I have heard this called farsightedness. God helps with this also.

Both visions in balance are what God calls for in our lives. However, in order to have this balance, we must accept and walk out with His help - His awesome plan for our lives. Once we accept His plan and own it with a passion, keeping our focus on Christ - He will reveal both the near-seen-things and the far-seen-things in His timing. Both of these revelations, views or visions - near and future - can be found in one place - from Him; His Word. 

"Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." (Psalm 119:105)

Do you need a refresh to who/what God has called you to be? Do you need direction, revelation and/or perspective for the short term or in the distant future? If God's Word was the agent that brought light into existence so many years ago, surely His Word can and will Shine A Light On Your Perspective.