The first part of Psalm 34:8 is what I want to focus on today - "Taste and see that the Lord is good;". There are foods out there such as some herbs and spices and mushrooms that are not good for the human body. Plus, with all food you need to know how to prepare and cook properly for healthy consumption. David says in this verse, in my words - "Taste", actually consider and take action on The Lord and His promises in your life and observe or "see" the abundant, healthy results.

The human tongue has four zones to our taste palette - sweet, salty, sour and bitter. But our tongue can't sample any food for one of these four determinations if we don't first consider the food we desire to consume and then act on getting it into our mouths. In the same way we must recognize our want and need for a better food, a daily spiritual food and purposefully go after it or in this case Him.

No we are not talking about cannibalism here by tasting someone. We can taste another's company by first impressions, asking personal questions, and simply spending time with that individual. We taste The Lord via His Word, via experiences, via praises/worship, and via prayer or quiet time. Tasting of The Lord means we are coming to The Table to partake in what The Lord would have us digest for any given situation. The end result is "and see that the Lord is good"

Christ Jesus is The Bread of Life. He gave us a great example of being our daily bread with the supply of heavenly mana to the Hebrew people in the desert. Today is no different as we pray - "Give us this day our daily bread..." (Matt. 6:11). This not only refers to physical or monetary blessing, but a request to bless us with Christ Himself. If we get in the habit of making this petition first thing every morning we can truly - "Taste and see that the Lord is good;".