Dear Lord, 

Thank you. You have been the anchor for my soul. You have been the wind in my sails. You have been my help when I knew I needed it and when I did not know. 

Lord, I apologize for dragging your Holy Spirit through my sinful mess. Savior, I request you forgive me and immerse me in a baptism of your Holy Spirit Fire-River. Empower me again, oh Lord, to be a mighty, positive influence for you. Help me to know The Shepherd's Voice more clearly and be able to carry out His Words.

I pray, there is no compromise in trusting you King Jesus. You have been so good, you have been so faithful to me and my family. Even when the answers have varied from yes, to maybe, to yes, to wait for it - I have always benefited from trusting you first. Help me to continue to live like this - always consulting you first in everything.

You know my first day from my last. You know every hair on my head or lack thereof. You know my thoughts before I perceive them. Your ways and thoughts are higher than mine and higher than the heavens above. You, who spoke everything into existence, knows everything about me and loves me.

Thank you Lord. You loved me first. Thank you, Yeshua Messiah for my Salvation at The Cross through your sacrificial death. Thank you Savior, for my victory at The Empty Tomb through your Resurrection! Thank you Lord, for the empowering Holy Spirit to now live this life for you until you take my life or come and get me yourself. 

Thank you, Lord, for continuing to Love me pass The Cross. Thank you for fulfilling all the wonderful titles that blesses my life. Your Grace still amazes me Lord. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you again Lord.

Your son,