In Matthew 5:13, Jesus says - "You are the salt of the earth." Then in the very next verse, He says - "You are the light of the world." Both "salt" and "light" have an attractiveness to them. Salt traps or attracts flavor and light attracts or draws the eye and attention. 

Notice what Jesus said we are NOT. We are Not salt and light of - God and His Kingdom. True, we represent both The Lord and His Kingdom, but we are Not Salt to the Kingdom of God, we are Salt or healing and enjoyable relationships (flavor) to the earth. We are not Light to the Kingdom of Heaven, we are Light or illumination/direction to this dark world. 

These two verses by Christ teach us to minister where we are with the gifts, favor and call God has bestowed upon us. We are in the world, but not of the world (John 17:14-16). However, while we are in the world, there is no question that we are to be influential. 

Jesus exemplified what it means to be both salt and light to this planet. Christ healed (salt) in all areas of life and He brought life-direction through His teaching and counsel (light). As followers of Christ, we are to do the same. Too many times the buck is passed to make a difference, leaving the Christian a lost opportunity to share God's love or even moreso gain a soul for Heaven. 

I pray for my confidence and yours. I pray for my future opportunities and yours. I pray all of us are made more "salty" and more illuminated in Christ SO THAT we share more of His Attractiveness.