The bottom line is to represent my Savior, Christ Jesus, well. I believe this idea begins with the realization of Christ's sacrifice for each of us, then moves to an attitude of passionate desire and need to serve and represent Him for life. He died for me, I'll live for Him should be every Christian's life-formula.

Whenever humans represent another individual, business, government or the like - usually that means the party we are representing cannot physically be present. The burden then falls hard on The Ambassador of the person, company or nation to reflect the other party accurately. There is no doubt that we have failed miserably at portraying our friend, work, country and God to others in the past. But there is a Helper, especially for presenting Christ to people.

God's representation method is slightly different from humanity's. With humanity, where the represented party is not present when we personify them, God is. His Holy Spirit is standing next to others when we witness to a friend, acquaintance, co-worker or stranger. His Holy Spirit is in the crowd when we share our testimony or teach to a gathering about Jesus. His Holy Spirit is hovering over a nation and pricking the hearts and ears when a leader speaks of the grace of Christ The Savior.

However, even more comforting than the Holy Spirit in the audience is the assurance He is beside us with our friend, on stage with the masses and supplying the script for an entire nation - to us, the ones who desire to represent Him well. He is our very present help in time of need. He is someone who will stick closer than a brother. He watches and hears how we represent Jesus and counsels at the same time on how to better mirror Christ's presence and characteristics on earth. The bottom line is I want to Represent Him Well.